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Why Loft Conversions are an Excellent Investment for the Home

A loft conversion consists of taking empty, and usually disused, space in the attic / loft and transforming it into a functional room of your choice. Whether you want another bedroom, a playroom for the children or a studio style apartment to rent out, loft conversions are a great investment.

Although it is possible to do a loft conversion DIY style, it is very complicated and there are many professional companies out there who will take care of it all for you for a very reasonable price. Below are some of the top advantages of loft conversions and the primary reasons they are an excellent investment for your home.

More Space

When you’re family is getting bigger but you don’t want to move, there is another option. Loft conversions can give you a lot more space, which means that you won’t have to uproot the family and deal with all the hassle of moving house.

Transforming your loft can sometimes add more than just one larger room. You have the option of numerous smaller rooms that could be used for bedrooms, a gym, an office or a playroom, as well as the option of adding a bathroom.

Loft conversions utilize space that is already available within your house; this means that you won’t be taking any of the valuable outdoor space away for an extension, but you will still get more room. 

A sketch showing the possible usable space in a loft

A sketch showing the possible usable space in a loft

Added Home Value

Investing in a loft conversion is going to cost you money, but ultimately you will make this money back and then some on top. It is thought that loft conversions can increase the value of your property by approximately 20%.

Although it depends on the type of loft conversion you have and the original price of your home, loft conversions always prove to be a valuable investment moneywise. Many people like to use the converted space for lodgers who will pay monthly rent for living there. This means that you immediately see money returning in from your original investment.

Saves Money

If you have your heart set on gaining more space without moving there are 2 main options: loft conversion or building an extension. Building an extension not only results in loss of your outdoor space, but it is also a lot more expensive that a loft conversion. You usually have to apply for planning permission if you have an extension as well, which is more red tape to go through and can cost you more money.

Loft conversions are also the better choice over moving house. It is estimated that in the UK it costs about £12,500 to move house with all the fees and paperwork that have to be taken care of. Simply getting a loft conversion means you don’t have the hassle of trying to move house as well as selling your own, and you can enjoy more space without changing your entire life. Use reputable companies like Space developments only, this is one job to make sure you avoid using cowboy builders at all costs.

A bathroom as part of a fantastic loft conversion in the home

A bathroom as part of a fantastic loft conversion in the home

A bathroom as part of a fantastic loft conversion in the home

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Loft conversions are a fantastic investment for your home as they provide more space, ultimately save you money and add value to your home. With so many excellent advantages it’s easy to see why so many people invest in a loft conversion.


Article by Natalie Moody


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