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Why Double Glazing is Great for the Environment

Homeowners ready to add a new addition to the home should look no further than double glazing. Ranging in price, double glazing is perfect for both homeowners who have a lot of cash to spare and those who have just a little. With many different types of double glazed windows and doors available, homeowners will be able to find exactly what they are looking for. Here is a guide on the ins and outs of double glazing and the many advantages it has that makes it not only ideal for homeowners but also great for the environment.


What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass which have a gap in-between them. A popular buy amongst homeowners, double glazed windows and doors have endless benefits. Not only do they benefit families individually for reasons such as maximising security and keeping the house warm, but they are also great for protecting the environment. Those looking for any way possible to help the environment will find that double glazing is a perfect place to start.



Double glazing looks stylish and has an array of advantages.

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How does it help; Cuts down CO2 Emissions

Protecting the environment really does start at home. Families looking to do their bit to help the environment can do so with double glazing. Thanks to double glazing, heat will be kept in the home much easier and the cold chill will be kept out. Homeowners will consequently find their heating costs decreasing over time. It is estimated that families annually save around £80 to £100, which is ultimately 740kg in CO2 emissions a year. Whilst this many not seem like an incredibly large amount, it is a great start to helping the environment. The more people that have double glazing essentially means the more carbon dioxide emissions saved. An easy way to take care of the environment, double glazing is a purchase well worth making for those who are keen on being ‘green’.

Prevents noise pollution

Another great advantage of double glazing is that it helps prevent noise pollution. Noise pollution has a huge negative effect on the environment as not only does it make neighbourhoods unpleasant places to live in, but it can also scare away local wildlife. Due to its two panes of glass, double glazing makes it much harder for noise to travel into the house and escape from it. Subsequently, families will be able to enjoy their peace and quiet in the evenings, without having to listen to any outdoor noise. Likewise, if householders are throwing a party or have friends over, noise shouldn’t escape out of the home as easily, meaning the rest of the neighbourhood won’t be complaining and the local wildlife won’t be scattering away. An easy way to stop noise pollution, homeowners will be playing their part in helping the environment through purchasing double glazing.

Double glazing will help prevent noise pollution allowing the home to stay quiet and peaceful.

Double glazing will help prevent noise pollution allowing the home to stay quiet and peaceful.


Double glazing has great benefits for the environment. From cutting down on CO2 emission to preventing noise pollution, its advantages are on-going. Those looking for a way to do their bit today will find double glazing is definitely for them!

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By Maria Hubbard


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