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Why DIY Should Be Taught In Schools

Why DIY Should Be Taught In Schools

What was once a stable of the learning environment is quickly disappearing – more and more schools are shuttering their DIY programs in favor of more hands off or technology based learning course. And while this is definitely helping people stay up to date with the modern world, we are also stunting and shifting the very fabric of our young people’s lives by stripping them of this chance to learn and excel.

We are living in an increasingly disposable world, and too often our young people are losing touch with the kind of skills that built our modern world

When we consider a product our phone obsolete just after a year of its release, we are clearly seeing signs of a modern world that is becoming more and more fast paced – a world that places less and less emphases on things that were built to last and needed a commitment to master and create. And while it would be next to impossible to slow or stop the rapid development and breakthroughs that our modern world has been creating on a near daily basis (and that’s not entirely the answer anyway), we should have DIY programs in our schools to keep our young people rooted in the realities of the way things work, as well as instilling in them the kind of skills and knowledge that will help them throughout their days.

DIY has a place in the classroom not only for the practical knowledge that students will pick up but also the kind of intangibles that go along with learning how to conceptualize, adapt, and create a project from start to finish

The truth of the matter is that DIY classroom courses are not just for developing older techniques or skills (though that is just as important) – but it’s more about the mindset of being able to create something from start to finish and really see it take shape right in front of your eyes. We are in a world were creation and communication can happen in an instant online – and in a society that looks for short cuts and cheat codes to everything we are seeing the push and resistance from the real world. Less and less people are adapting to the fact that the most important things in life need dedication and determination to accomplish, and with DIY we can help foster that as well as give them the confidence they need to see their future projects through to the end.

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