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Wedding Favors To Delight Your Guests

Wedding Favors To Delight Your Guests

There is no denying the fact that, you and your betrothed are the two people that matter the most, on the day of your wedding. However, it would be a grave folly to ignore the role of the guests in making a wedding party really vibrant and happening. Apart from wholeheartedly contributing to the festivities of the occasion, most (if not all) of them carry expensive, carefully chosen, gifts for the two of you too. Hence, it would indeed be a nice gesture on your part, if you make a plan to hand out some wedding favors to the guests. These favors would serve as a token of appreciation for the effort the guests have made to take out time from their busy schedules, to make the day of your wedding really special. Of course, the wow factor of these favor gifts is also undeniable!

There are certain points that have to be kept in mind, when you start choosing wedding favors for your marriage ceremony. Some such important factors are:

  • Type of wedding favors – Broadly speaking, wedding favor gifts can be classified under two heads – the practical ones and the edible ones. If you are going with the latter option, select such chocolates, toffees or candies, which would suit the tastes of all guests. In particular, having some unique-flavored edible items as wedding favors can turn out to be a rather risky idea. On the other hand, if practical wedding favors are what you wish to be handed out, you can opt to give bottle openers, stylish key chains, small coasters, and other such items, that can actually be used by the guests for an extended period of time. Irrespective of whichever option you choose, make sure that you never settle for anything but wedding favor gifts of the finest quality.
  • Themed wedding favors – If you are having a specifically themed marriage, choosing a regular, ordinary favor might look just a tad out of place. For example, if you are getting married at a seaside resort, you can easily arrange for beautifully decorated sea shells to be handed out to the attendees. Such wedding favors would bring a greater sense of uniformity to the overall festivities.
  • Think green – You can give expression to your consideration for environmental preservation, by gifting eco-friendly favors to the guests at your marriage ceremony. Potted plants and packets of seasonal seeds would suit fine for this purpose. Make sure that, whatever wedding favors you choose, you pack them in recyclable paper bags.
  • Consider the kids at the function – Just like any other marriage function, your wedding is also likely to witness the presence of a large number of children, right? A wedding favor that is viewed as classy to adults might seem to be a bit boring to the little ones. Arrange for smartly designed goody bags, with small toys, jelly beans, and other such fun products in them. The sound of laughter of the children would take the wedding festivities to a whole new level.
  • Add a personalized touch – Wish to add a distinct personal touch to the wedding favors that you hand out? There are plenty of options for that too! Arrange for scented candles, photo frames and/or soaps, in unique, attractive designs. Putting the initials of you and your partner on these frames and candles would make them all the more beautiful.
  • Wedding favor bags – If functionality is on the top of your mind while deciding about a wedding favor, you can choose to give out organza favour bags to the attendees. Unlike traditional, run-of-the-mill bags, these items come with attractive styles and designs, and can be put to different practical uses too.

The guests at your wedding would only be looking forward to provide their blessings to you and your partner, and would probably not expect anything in return. However, that does not mean you should let their presence go unappreciated, right?

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