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Ways To Keep Your House Spick And Span

Ways to keep your house spick and span

A clean and de-cluttered house not only looks good but also contributes to the well-being of your family members. Over here we will discuss some of the quick and easy home cleaning tips.

Let us begin with some handy tips to clean a living room.

Cleaning supplies: Before you start cleaning your living room, gather necessary cleaning supplies, such as trash bag, empty box, swiffer duster, vacuum cleaner, hand gloves and wash clothes.

De-clutter the room: Remove all the unnecessary items from your living room, such as cups, dishes, toys, and handbags (if any). Then sort out the items, by dividing them into two categories 1) very important and 2) not so important. Put all the unimportant or not so important things away. Throw them into a trash bag, give it to a local charity or sell them online.

Dust down the walls and corners: Dust the ceiling and all the corners of the walls. If you find any dirty spots or stains on the walls, wash them off immediately. Vacuum the doors, windows, window sills and air vents. Also, clean the switch plates as well as the doorknobs.

Clean photographs/artwork: Be careful when cleaning the framed photographs or artwork. Instead of spraying water or liquid cleaning agent on the photographs, use a wet, clean piece of cloth to wipe off the dust.

Dust couches, chairs and other furniture: Attach a vacuum brush to the vacuum cleaner and clean out the dust and dirt. If possible, use a thin, angled vacuum attachment to clean the corners of the couches. Apply upholstery cleaner on the couches, chairs and other pieces of furniture and clean them. Remove covers from the cushions and put them away into laundry.

Now let us have a look at how you can clean a bedroom:

Dusting: Start cleaning your bedroom by dusting the ceiling and corners of the room. Also, dust the ceiling fan, air vents, framed images, mirror and other decorative pieces. Remove spots and stains from the walls (if any) and clean the doors, doorknob, windows and window sills.

Clean the mattress:  When it comes to cleaning a mattress, you can easily use upholstery cleaner. You can also use a solution of ½ teaspoon liquid dishwashing agent and warm water. Apply the solution with a sponge or soft brush so that the liquid does not seep into the mattress. To remove the musty odor of the mattress, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on it.

Organize the closet:  If you think that you do not have enough space in your closet to store goods, clean and organize it. Remove unwanted clothes and throw them away. You can also give them to a charity or sell online. This will not only help you organize your closet and increase the storage space, but also get rid of some unwanted clothes.

However, if you live in Calgary and do not have enough time to clean the house on your own, consider hiring the services of residential cleaning in Calgary. It is needless to say that there are many cleaning services companies that specialize in residential cleaning services in Calgary.

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