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Transform Your Child’s Cupboards with Butterfly Door Knobs

Transform Your Child’s Cupboards with Butterfly Door Knobs 

As the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom or playroom, butterfly door knobs are sure to appeal to girls of almost any age. Even as small children or toddlers, having a room that is entirely theirs is a good way to ensure that rooms stay as neat as possible, while also making the room unique to your child’s personal tastes.

If you wish to give your child’s room a special revamp, adding beautiful butterfly knobs to old cupboards can be done with even the most basic of DIY skills. If your child is old enough, they can even assist with the transformation (or at least give you some direction).

How to Create a Fun Look with Butterfly Door Knobs

To complete this project, you will need good quality butterfly door knobs, a few tools such as a screwdriver, as well as nails. If you wish to update the entire cupboard, you will also need sandpaper, paint and a brush. Once you have everything you need, try these tips to get the cupboard revamp underway.

  • Remove the current knobs using the screwdriver. Knobs can be removed fairly easily, and if no screwdriver is at hand, you could even use the tip of a butter knife.
  • Add the new knob, and make sure that it is screwed in as securely as possible. If it is not tight enough, little hands could pull the knob off, and the knob will soon be lost.
  • If you are adding a new colour to the cupboard, use the sandpaper across the unit so that the old paint can be painted over with a fresh coat.
  • Neutral colours such as cream work well with pretty pink butterfly door knobs for a more subtle look, while a matching or even contrasting shade of pink, blue, yellow, green or purple will add plenty of colour to the room.
  • For best results, use an enamel paint that is waterproof – this will help the cupboard withstand every day wear and tear in a child’s room.
  • You could even look for decals to place on the cupboard for extra embellishment. Flowers work well with butterflies, while fairies and other insects will also be a hit with your child.

A brand new cupboard alone is often enough to give the room a new look, but you can also carry the theme forward with linens, carpets and other fittings that enhance the style. Once you have added the butterfly door knobs and completed the final touches, your children are sure to love their new room.

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