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The Rationale to Install Underfloor Heating in Your Home

Heating a home efficiently is only part of the equation to keep a house snug and warm during the colder winter months of the year. The other being to install a system that is cost effective. Many home owners today, look at installing underfloor heating because it is one of the more versatile ways to heat a property, and it is one that either professional and DIY enthusiasts can install.

Technology today makes underfloor heating an affordable option that’s easy to install in virtually any room whether it’s a bathroom, bedroom or conservatory. It’s a great option for larger areas where traditional radiators don’t work that effectively leaving cold spots in certain areas of the room. The reason why underfloor heating works so well at warming up an area, is that it heats every square metre of the floor space and thus eliminates cold spots.

Underfloor heating in a kitchen

Underfloor heating in a kitchen

Things to Consider Before Installing Underfloor Heating

If wall space is at a premium, underfloor heating is an ideal choice as there is no need for wall radiators. Bathrooms and kitchens tend to have limited free wall space simply because of the units and appliances needed in them. However, over recent years, conservatories have given home owners the opportunity to create an extra room in a house. Installing underfloor heating is a great way of ensuring the conservatory remains a warm area during the colder months.

The All Important Insulation

So that underfloor is energy efficient and cost effective, a property has to be well insulated. To prevent any heat loss and make sure heat from the underfloor heating goes upwards, insulation has to be installed under the system too.

Wet Systems

Wet systems need a space where their controls can be placed; cupboards are a good choice to place them in. Very much like with radiators, every room that’s heated with UFH will have its own specific valve. The only difference being the valves can all be in one place along with timer controls. When it comes to pipework, the risk of leaks is considered to be virtually nil because today’s wet systems are continuous; therefore there are no visible joints which also make it pretty maintenance free. A condensing boiler is the cheapest to run but with UFH, any boiler can be fitted provided it has enough capacity.

Installing a wet UFH system to a room in a house needs careful planning and calculation which includes working out temperatures desired in the room, the height of the ceiling and potential heat loss as well as the sort of flooring wanted in the room.

A pump for underfloor heating

A pump for underfloor heating

Choosing the Flooring

When it comes to the type of flooring, UFH can be used with carpet and most other types of floor. With carpets, the underlay must have a thermal resistance less than 2.5 tog. Stone, slate, terracotta and ceramic flooring are fashionable very fashionable these days, and as such many homes choose UFH. However, the time it takes to heat up the floor does rather depend on the thickness of the tiles which has to be taken into consideration.

Timber flooring is a little more complicated with most expert fitters recommending specific types of timber to be fitted as there are many factors that need to be taken into account. However, high quality vinyls and laminates can be used with underfloor heating, but not all of them are compatible which is true of the lower quality ones. Again, expert advice would be needed when choosing any laminate of vinyl flooring for use with UFH.


Installing underfloor heating is a cost effective way to warm up a home and because modern technology has made it that much easier, it can be done DIY. However, using the right type of flooring needs careful consideration. The advantages are many being the even heating UFH provides thus eliminating cold spots and if wall space is an issue underfloor heating solves that problem too, providing a snug environment in the home.

If you are looking for experts to install your underfloor heating contact DIS Plumbing, Watford for a quote and further information.


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