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The House Removal And The Communication

The House Removal And The Communication
When a family has to move house there are so many things to plan, organize, consider, pay for and arrange, that it seems that communication is not the most important part. However, communicating the move is actually the first and most important stage of every house move and it shouldn’t be skipped. Why is communication and talking about the move to one’s family so important? First of all, you need to inform your family about the move – there might be mixed feelings and some frustration around the house, so you need to make sure that each member of your family understands the situation and the benefits of it. Stay positive and be honest – if the family is getting evicted this might be quite tough. If you have a job opportunity you can’t reject, this can lead to a big change for everyone. If you are planning to sell the house and buy a bigger or better one, it will be exciting for everyone. Whatever the reason for the move, let your family know it and discuss the outcomes. Second of all, the moving process is so tiresome, time-consuming and stressful, that without the proper help of everyone at home, it will be almost impossible to manage, especially if you have a strict deadline for the relocation. Third of all, everyone copes with such changes at their own pace so you need to respect that and allow as much time as needed. Your children will be sad, frustrated or angry, because they need to change the school, find new friends and face a number of changes. Your spouse might feel that it’s unfair in terms of their job and current status at work. Communication is therefore an essential part of every move. Without it, you will simply feel as if you are entirely on your own and that’s not a good feeling, especially when there is so much to do, plan and sort out in the next few months.
Announcing the news needs to be done at the earliest stage of the house move, as soon as you know that it is inevitable and you have some sort of idea when it’s due. Try to stay calm and list the positive changes, even if you are stressed and worried about it. It is a big change for everyone, including you, so let your family know that you want to make things easier for everyone. Discuss when the best time for the move is and how it will affect your children’s school. Make sure that they get a say in choosing the new school, even if they are not old enough to actually know the difference. Listen to them and discuss all issues openly. This will make them trust you and feel calmer. Moreover, allow enough time for saying goodbye and try to understand how your children feel.
Throughout the moving process, try to keep the communication at a good level and don’t keep anyone in the dark. If you children have a suggestion about something or they wish to help out with the packing, for example, then let them. Don’t get too involved that you don’t even notice what’s going on around you. The communication is important throughout the moving process and after it, when you have to unpack and actually turn an empty house or a flat into a real home for you and your family.

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