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Spring Cleaning Rules

Cleaning One Room At A Time – Spring Cleaning Rules

Without doubt, one of the most important cleanups that every home needs, spring cleaning is the annual full deep cleaning, with clutter control and sorting out of all your belongings that is simply a must for every home. Spring cleaning is quite necessary, especially nowadays when people tend to buy and buy, but throw away less. All your belongings that are piling up in various places around the house are like dust magnets. They can also cause the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, which reduce the air quality and lead to respiratory illnesses and allergies. Everyone knows that a clean home is a healthy home, but most people are too busy to even do their monthly tasks. That’s why spring cleaning is absolutely essential for your home. Once you throw away the old stuff, clean, deodorize and disinfect you will feel the clean atmosphere in the house, which is great for everyone. Spring cleaning requires some effort and time, but the results will be worth that. Here is some useful advice on cleaning one room at a time and thus cleaning the entire home.


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One of the most used rooms is the kitchen – it’s where we cook, store food and eat, so it should be the cleanest area. Cooking results in a lot of grease buildup all over the place, whether visible or not. Get some microfiber cloths and an all-purpose cleaner or start from top to bottom. Clean the countertops, the sink, the appliances and treat the stubborn dirt and grease with a cleaner. Empty the kitchen cabinets and wipe down the entire area inside. Wash all the china and glassware that’s been inside for months. Don’t postpone the inevitable – old and unusable items should be thrown away immediately, otherwise it’s like there’s no spring cleaning at all. This way you will create more space for new items and your kitchen will look much neater and prettier. For disinfection you can use some natural ingredients – lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda are the ultimate cleaning products that do wonders and not only in the kitchen. Use rubber gloves when cleaning with a Balham commercial cleaner. Use vinegar to clean the bathroom tiles. Vinegar fights the most stubborn stains, as well as the mineral deposit in the bathroom and the toilet. Pour boiling water, vinegar and baking soda in the drains, cover them and leave them like that for half an hour. The created foam will unblock them and you wouldn’t need to use a cleaner for unclogging. Your best friend is the vacuum cleaner – use it for the floor, for the upholstery and for the corners of the rooms, where there could be cobwebs. Throw away unwanted clothing or donate it and deal with paperwork. Do some upholstery and carpet maintenance – you can hire N1 professional cleaning services and have your sofa, armchairs, rugs, carpets and curtains cleaned in one day. Dust the electronics and the books and use a damp cloth to go over the areas that attract dust the most. Make sure all the members in your family get involved – this way the spring cleaning will be much faster and more successful. Spring cleaning will take lots of energy so it’s best to pick a weekend when everyone is free, so you can finish within two days.

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