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Simple Home Security Projects that Lower Home Insurance

Simple Home Security Projects that Lower Home Insurance

It seems as though prices are rising across the board; the costs of staples like food, gasoline and housing have been steadily going up for some time now. The price of home owners insurance has fluctuated as well, and not in a good way. However, there are some home improvement projects that can be done in order to lower the price of your home insurance.

Home insurance covers many things, from the simple repairs made on outdoor damage caused by a storm, to things like injuries that happen from guests slipping and falling on a newly waxed kitchen floor. It also protects your electronics and valuable items, reimbursing you for the costs of replacing them should your home be subject to a burglary or home invasion.

Because of this, putting in several protective measures can make your house less subject to robbery, and will make the monthly cost of your home owners insurance go down – in some cases — significantly. Consider these home improvement projects that can lower your home insurance premiums:

Replace your current windows with shatterproof ones

This not only makes it more difficult for someone to break into your house, but can also make it safer for your loved ones. Look at this way, if you have a young child who is in the habit of throwing things, or if you enjoy sitting near the window and watching the world go by, then you want to make sure that your windows do not break easily. A set of shatterproof windows can prevent injuries, just as much as they can keep potential burglars from breaking in – through the windows anyway.

Install an alarm system

A good alarm system usually consists of a keypad/control panel located near the front door, along with motion sensors. Some of the more advanced ones have cameras mounted throughout your house and yard, making it easier to identify the perpetrators should someone break in and trigger the alarm. In other cases, the alarm itself, especially if it is of the noisy variety, will stop a burglary in progress. Going through an alarm service that alerts the authorities in the case of a break in will help as well.

Set up motion sensing lights around your yard and the inside your house

These lights will not only help you from stumbling around both the inside and outside of your house in the dark, especially if you live on a darkened street that does not have street lights, but it will make your home less attractive to burglars. Once a potential robber goes near your house and triggers the lighting system, he or she will leave without committing the crime, as he or she is more likely to be detected.

The psychological price of a burglary is tied into your sense of safety, and it is also directly related to the price of your homeowners insurance. By completing a series of home improvements that add protective measures to your house and yard, it is possible to lower the cost of your homeowners insurance by making your home harder to break into.

This article was authored by Terry Wood, a contributor to US Insurance Net on topics related to homeowner’s insurance and other products.

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