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Should You Build Your Own Home

Should You Build Your Own Home?

They say a man’s home is his castle, something to be proud of. So imagine the pride you would feel if this was a ‘castle’ that you designed and built yourself. If building and creating a home of your own is something you thought of doing but haven’t really thought of a good reason why, just have a look at these easy reasons:

1. Save some cash and choose the perfect spot

Depending on how you go about it, building your own home can end up being a lot cheaper than buying one.  Research cheaper materials, purchase the building plot in a cheap area in a neighbourhood you like the look of and be reassured in the knowledge that there won’t be any hidden DIY expenses once you move in.  If you have always wanted to live in the Lake District or in picturesque woodland you can build there (within reason).

2. Size, shape and special features.

Do you want a large bedroom with an even larger wardrobe? It’s yours! Building conservatories for each member of the family? Well whatever floats your boat. The point is, building your own house can allow you to build a home you’ve always desired, rather than settling for second best because that’s all that’s available in your price range.  On top of this, if you need wheelchair access, special cabinets or a handle in the tub, you can add that as you need throughout the process, rather than buying a home then spending more on top of that to suit your needs.

3. Make it your own

Perhaps this is your first home as a family, or as a couple or even just for yourself. Either way you’re investing a lot of your time and money in it so why not have it reflect as much of your life and personality as possible? A family home could be designed around everyone’s love of reading, with in built books shelves everywhere you go; perhaps in a couple one partner spends a lot more time in the bathroom so you build two en suites. It’s the little touches which make it a home just for you.

4. Plain satisfaction

Think about how proud you felt when you finally managed to assemble that bookshelf all by yourself (those instructions weren’t much use at all, were they?) Now multiply that feeling of satisfaction and pride by about a thousand, that’s how building your own home feels like. You will be able to stand outside your home and say ‘I built that’, something not a lot of people get the chance to do.

5. Value

The special touches and distinctive style to your home will certainly raise its value if you decide to move on and sell. You’ll get more for your money compared if you were to sell a generic homewith similar features. It also acts as an investment if you decide to rent it out while looking for a new home elsewhere.

Guest post from Amy Fowler for Stormclad; specialists in UPVC windows and conservatories in Nottingham.

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