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Seven Tips for a Smooth Home Removal

Seven Tips for a Smooth Home Removal

The perfect location with a breathtaking view is for sale. The perfect home that is the right size, with amazing character, and at an incredible price is available. Too bad they are miles away from each other.

The goal may be preservation of a historic home, an ocean view, or a mountain vista. Whatever the reason may be there are times when moving an existing home is worth the cost. Unlike the claim made by some magicians today, moving a house is not accomplished with the snap of a finger. It takes lots of careful planning and preparation to achieve.

Finding a Mover

An extremely crucial first step is finding a house removal company. Moving a house is not a quickly accomplished feat. Partnering with a company who has extensive experience in moving houses is essential. The house mover is the expert and can help the homeowner plan realistically for the eventual move. The homeowner would be wise to consult several home moving companies to compare experience, longevity in the business, and price before selecting a house moving company.

Household Items

The house must be cleared of furniture and other loose items before moving. As with any move, household items need to be packed away and stored off-site. Others can be stored at a facility near the home’s final resting place.

Temporary Housing

Temporary housing may or may not be a need while moving a home. However, should the need arise, it is a factor in the planning process. Items such as cooking pots, cleaning items, and personal care products need to be set aside. Pack items for continued use in separate, clearly marked boxes.


In older historic homes, antique lighting fixtures, fireplace mantels, and ornate woodwork are all part of the charm. Care must be taken to protect delicate wood and metal work from damage during the move. It may require that some fixtures be temporarily removed or reinforced to prevent damage.


Moving a house is a significant disruption to any neighbors. A wise course of action would be to inform neighbors early in the planning process of activities that will impact them. Allowing the neighbors to prepare themselves for the process and be aware of when disruptions may arise will streamline the move.


Moving day is going to stop traffic. When planning for moving, consult local government authorities with regard to permits and assistance with traffic control during the move. Again, keeping the neighbors in mind alert them to the time expected for their driveways to be blocked.

Lot Preparation

Lot preparation will be substantial at both sites. This will involve excavation and construction of a foundation. Utilities will need to be disconnected at the original site and installed at the new site.

Working with a knowledgeable house mover and developing detailed plans prior to moving will facilitate making a difficult process smooth, reduce damage, and keep neighbors happy.

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