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Protect the Dishes from the Kitchen with the Packaging

How to Protect the Dishes from the Kitchen with the Packaging

The moving of all the things from the house is very difficult thing to do. Some of the equipment needs no special care with the packaging, it can be just put in a box or a bag and loaded. Other things on the other hand need many efforts and care and take much more time to be prepared for the road.
The electronics, the big heavy things like musical instruments and the fragile ones like the mirrors and the dishes and cups from the kitchen equipment are amongst the most difficult things to be packaged. They need many special materials to be bought, so they will be kept still and out of danger.
No matter how many large and small soft and well taped boxes you have got they will not do. There are many other things that have to be done to make the dishes and the cups from the kitchen really safe during the moving. There are in this case some simple things to follow in order to transport your things successfully, but they will guide you trough the packaging and will help you when you have no ideas or have been stuck in very difficult situation.
First thing that you have to do is to make the packaging so secure that it will make you feel good and do not listen to everyone, who says that you have done enough. Also do not allow other people to influence on your decisions as they find it very funny if you are taking too many precautions. The staff from the moving company will assure you, that the van is safe and nothing will happen to your stuff during the moving. If they mean that the vehicle will not open and your belongings will not fall out, then yes this is true. But this statement still does not mean that the dishes will be usable when you arrive.
If you are not sure that the movers are understanding your worries, check where the boxes with the dishes are placed inside the truck. There are few simple things to check for: if they are close to anything much heavier, that may fall on them and break all inside, if they are on the bottom of a pile instead on its top, if they are made still and are not put with one side up and anything like this. If nothing like this is fact, make sure the packages are reordered the right way.
This is the right time to talk about the special packaging and boxes that the dishes from the kitchen will need. These are the boxes with special separation for each dish. Anyway this separation is still not enough for the right packaging. Every dish has to be wrapped around with wrinkled paper or newspaper if you do not have anything else. The general idea is the material to be not too soft and at the same time not too hard so it will protect the ceramic or glass dishes the best way. Sometimes these special boxes are allowing to put several dishes one on top of the other. If you have bought such a box do not put too much dishes like that. The heavy pile may break the dishes, which are on the bottom.
You can always feel free to put inside any other materials which are soft and will prevent the dishes from cracking one into another. When you take good care for your things everything will be all right when you arrive at the new location.

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