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Packing and Moving Expensive Paintings

Packing and Moving Expensive Paintings

There is nothing entertaining in moving from one place to another. It is always connected with many problems, worries and finances. No matter how old and not valuable the furniture and other belongings of the moving people seem for the others, for them they are the only one they have and mean their life. So it is very important to keep them in good condition and to transport them the right way.

There are parts of all belongings that a person has that can be very expensive like the paintings. They are also impossible or very hard to be restored and bought again. They are usually unique, some of them painted from artists who are no longer alive, and these facts make the situation very specific.

For those who have planned to take their expensive paintings collection with them, there are few choices to do things right. The easiest way to do it is to hire someone to do the job. There are many people whose job is this and they will take care of everything – from the proper packing to the movement, shipping, insurance and everything else. Your favorite paintings will wait for you at the new location. The only thing for you to do is to pay the bill at the end.

In case a person can not afford this option, there are few steps to follow and if being careful enough you will have your expensive paintings with you on the new location in great condition.

What is obligatory to do first is to provide with the right amount of bubble wrap. The small bubbles are not good for this situation. The bigger bubbles will make the transportation more secure. Calculate the length of the sheets of this kind that will be needed, then cut the necessary size for each painting you are going to transport. Do not put too much bubble wrap, because thus the packaging will be too much and it is possible to be hard to be put in the box, prepared for the painting. To push it and try to stuff it in the box is something very wrong to do when packing a painting.

Grab the first painting and put it on its bubble sheet, prepared before especially for it. Wrap carefully the whole painting and make sure that the end overlaps significantly. Pay special attention to the corners of the frame. Make the packaging more secure with a tape.

The painting is then ready to be put in its box. Its bottom has to be wrapped with few layers of tape. At least three will be enough. Thus it will guarantee that the painting will not fall and get harmed during the carrying or the shipping.

There is one more thing to do before putting the painting in the box. Use papers or foam, or even packing peanuts to separate the painting, which is wrapped in the bubble sheet from the sides of the box. Make sure that the thickness of this layer made of papers and other materials is at least 5 cm.

When all of the above is done the painting is ready to be put inside the box. Secure all the other sides of the box like you did with the bottom. This will prevent it from opening during any stage of the moving process.

The label which says the object inside the box is fragile is absolutely obligatory for this case. Do not save time and follow all the steps. Make sure that the address for the paintings to be delivered, is clearly written on each box.

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