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Organizing Your Office Move

5 Helpful Tips for Organizing your Office Move

An office move is definitely a lot more stressful than moving your own house or family to a new location.  In an office move, much of the stress will come from the thought that everything is not under your control.  You will always have these corporate rules that need to be followed.  In most cases, corporate moves require at let three months of preparation.  If you are one of those company employers who are directly involved in organizing your office move, better check out the following tips first:

Make the move time and cost efficient

When the company or office is under the process of moving in to new location chances are the company will not be able to operate on a highest level of productivity.  There are even times when the company will not be able to operate for a couple of days due to some changes that need to done in the new office.  Thus, it is a must that everybody must observe timeliness and money-saving efforts all throughout the process of moving.  One of the ways to save time during the move is to take exact measurements of the old and new office spaces.  This is highly important so that those desks and any other large office furnishings that are going to be transferred will surely fit the new space.  Otherwise, everybody will run the risk of moving in, moving out, transferring or changing plans because the counters, desks or shelves just won’t fit in the new office space. In turn, more energy and time are wasted.

Everybody must have the copy of the “moving guide”

In order to avoid making last minute calls and complaints, everybody must be given a copy of every detail about the move.  This copy must contain the details about where each furniture, equipment and any other office materials should go.  This moving guide must also contain the details of every employee’s tasks or role during the move.  There should be a person in charge in every floor in cases when the move has to be done on two or more floors of the building.  The moving guide must also enumerate the colors and labels for each item in the office.  This is a must so that everyone will know exactly where everything has to be placed without the need to call or text their department heads or any other office mates.

Get rid of unnecessary items.

In order to lessen the number of things that need to be transferred, it is wise to get rid of those unnecessary things in the old office.  If you have files which you think you no longer need, you can just throw them away in the garbage.  If you are hesitant about throwing them, you can scan each file so that everything will be converted into a soft copy and then you can just burn the rest of these documents.

Know all the wirings of your office electrical equipment.

Before transporting any electrical equipment, you should make sure that the wires, cables, bolts and nuts are properly kept in one plastic with a label on it.  It is also a must that you take pictures at the back of it so that you will know where to plug everything.  This is to avoid you from spending much time trying to guess which cables or wire goes into each slot.  You just have to view your picture of it which shows the details of the connections before it was dismantled or disassembled. This will also spare you from having to wait for the electrician or the technical person in charge to get everything starts working.

Hire some moving experts.

This option may seem costly especially if your office is not that highly profitable but in the long run this will prove to be very helpful.  If you are the one in charge of the move, try to check the internet for the best and most affordable moving experts.  These experts will relieve you from much stress and anxiety of the moving process as they already have a broad knowledge of some techniques on how to make the move faster.  Thus, your office will be able to get back on its normal operation in no time.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera sued to suffer from panic attacks for seven years.  He now dedicates his life helping those who suffer from stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.  You can read more of his articles at Calm Clinic.


  • To move office from one place to another is more stressful then the house removal.
    You need to check each and everything before you want to shift to new place. They
    discuss about the five things which you need to know before the move. But it’s
    good to hire some office service providers to do the job for you. They have the plan and experience how to do this work with cheapest price and remove each and everything to the new location with security.

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