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Moving with Children

Moving with Children

So you have finally decided to move to a new home and you’re done with the planning phase. Now comes the interesting part about telling your kids about the moving part. For the most part kids will probably take that with mixed feelings, though some might be more open to the idea. Remember that kids will be largely influenced by the way you view things so try to be optimistic about it and whatever you do avoid sulking. Here are some tips on how to get them to accept things:

Plan a family meeting

This is a great way to get everyone connected at the same time so you can explain the reasons behind your decisions. Try to come off as optimistic about it and if you have sulking unhappy teenagers don’t get disheartened, they will adapt to the new situation no matter how much they mope about it.

Get feedback from the kids

If you haven’t moved yet and you’re still deciding on where to do so ask your kids by showing them photos of every place you have in mind. Have them with you when you go on to check out new houses in London and ask their opinion. This will greatly matter to them as well as help them adapt to the new life they’ll have to live.

Clear out the clutter

Downsizing is a powerful way of dealing with all the unnecessary possessions we no longer have a use for. Use this chance to donate or sell everything you can afford to abandon. Have your kids go around the house with you so they can decide if they want to give some of their belongings to those less fortunate.

Start a moving sale before the removal

As Rule #22 of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition states: “A wise man can hear profit in the wind”. So think of it this way – you can take all your belongings you don’t need and you can make some money out of it by organizing a yard sale. If you feel like donating it instead, you can always do this by working together with a thrift store like Goodwill. In most countries this will also give you a tax benefit for doing charity work.

Visit the place

Taking the kids to the house you have chosen is a good way to familiarize them with the surroundings. Have them walk through the house so they can share their opinion and go even further than that, possibly have them visit the local library or school so they can scope the place out themselves. There might be other places like gaming clubs or other activities they might enjoy as well. Do some research and take them there once you arrive in town.

Host a party

What better way to get the kids to enjoy themselves before you move on? Invite their friends, have your family and neighbors come over as well so they can enjoy themselves fully. Make sure you have your kids exchange contacts with everyone they want to, after all there is no easier way to communicate with people than on the internet.

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