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Moving To London Self Storage

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Organising Your Extra Things and Moving Them to Storage

House moving can be both an exciting and stressful event at the same time. How do you organize and manage moving everything in an orderly manner without feeling like you are losing your mind? The following ten simple tips will greatly help ease the burden of moving home and moving your extra stuff into storage:

Pack what will be put into London Self Storage separately from what will stay in your house

This may seem like common sense, but often in the rush of moving, everything and anything is thrown into boxes. As much as possible, determine beforehand what will go into each area so when the moving company shows up, you can easily have a house and a storage section in the moving truck. This will greatly aid you when you are unloading the items later on into your house or new self-storage area.

Be specific when labeling your boxes

Have you ever tried to locate something that you thought you knew where it was only to find out it wasn’t there? Avoid that dilemma from happening again by labeling each box with first, the general area of stuff in the box such as “Christmas” or “kitchen appliances” and secondly, the specific items located within that box. Although this may initially seem like a lot of extra work, you will thank yourself later when you are looking for that photo album from your grandmother, that attachment to your leaf blower, or those long lost winter gloves you use to where when you were a kid. By specifically labeling each box, you won’t have to spend half your day going through all those storage boxes looking for that one specific item.

Get similar size boxes to maximize your storage space

This will allow for easier stacking and storage. It will also enable you to be able to use your London Self Storage space most effectively instead of wasting space with all different size boxes. Remember, you want to place your heaviest items in small boxes, your regular items in medium size boxes, and your lightweight items in large boxes.

Plan out your layout for your London Self Storage unit

It is well worth the time to think through exactly what you want out of your storage area. Some items you may need to consider are where your shelves will go, what areas you want to leave open as a walkway through the storage space, and also where you will place any furniture without blocking access to other items. Carefully planning out your London Self-Storage area will also help you to determine if the area you have chosen is big enough to fit all your extra stuff or if you need a more spacious area.

Use long span shelving for easier access to needed items

Long span shelving will help you maximize your space without breaking your back. These shelves can often be adjusted to different heights to accommodate different size boxes and items, which significantly helps when it comes to needing long term storage. Instead of having to go through stack after stack of boxes, you will have easy and direct access to any box within a matter of seconds.

Put the heavier items on the bottom of any stacks

Always make sure to put your heavier items on the bottom of any stacks of boxes. You do not want any lighter boxes being crushed by the sheer weight of the Encyclopedia Britannica set you have stored away for junior when he comes of age. You also do not want to have to remove heavier boxes to get to a lighter box. Eliminate this hassle by following this simple tip.

Keep a master inventory list at home of your items in London Self Storage

A list with all storage items on it will be a tremendous tool when you are not sure whether you kept an item at your house or put it in storage. You may also want to divide your storage section up into four or more areas for quicker reference on your sheet to where the item you are looking for is at. You can then use a number, letter, or color system to identify in what section the item you are looking for is at.

Make it easy to get to items you use on a more frequent basis

Keep items you will take out on a more regular basis towards the opening of your storage unit for faster access. This will help prevent your storage unit from becoming a home away from home instead of a quick and easy errand on the way to your next destination.

Mark and keep a clear path throughout your storage unit

Make everything in your storage unit easy to get to by having a clear path that you can walk through to access whatever you need to get to in a timely manner. Marking this path with colored tape before beginning to unload items into the storage area will prevent you from having to move these items out of the pathway afterwards.

Don’t let your storage unit become a junkyard

As you move additional items into storage, make sure to maintain the neatness and orderliness you have worked so hard to instill from the start. Also, ask yourself if you really need the item you are considering storing. If it would be more useful to donate it to a local thrift store or sell at your next garage sale, then do it. If you don’t need it and you can’t donate it or sell it, get rid of it.

If you keep these ten helpful tips in mind, you will be well on your way to creating the organized world you always wanted to live in, but didn’t know how to attain in your self-storage area. Plan out exactly what you are going to do, then move all that extra stuff into the neat organized space that you have dreamed of by putting your plan into action. Happy storing and happy moving!

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