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Money saving tips to help you stick to your budget

1. Plan well – You will find that you get a lot more insight into how you are going to things if you are able to get them planned a lot earlier on, and this will only put you in good stead for not making any mistakes, and therefore saving cash. If you are clever with your planning, then you can ensure that there is no chance of missing anything out, or messing anything up and having to pay to rectify such issues. A decent plan will also keep you calm and stress free, as you will not be worrying about what you have and have not done at any point, and that is a good way to prevent panic spending.

2. In the plan, write out where and when you can save cash. For example, buying brand new packing supplies will cost you a fair deal. You will likely be able to find deals on the web where you can make decent savings, as well as potentially finding people who are selling used boxes for a fraction of the price. Some ‘freecycle’ sites will give things away for free, it just takes a little searching to find. Be wary of boxes that are too battered however, as they can fall apart at the wrong moment, and spill your belongings everywhere! This is obviously the opposite of how you really want to be saving cash, so be sure that your packing materials are safe, which second hand items certainly can be!

3. Look into the size and nature of your move. Do you need a removals company, or could you do it with a large man and van? It is not commonly known that there are man and van services that are geared up to doing pretty large moves, as long wheelbase vans can fit a great deal of stuff in them! You should certainly take a minute to look in to how much of a difference getting a few mates together to do the move with a van would be to your spending, as a removals company can be extremely expensive! Do pay attention to the reasons that people book removals companies however, as you will find that it is a lot of hard work, and if you injure yourselves, or break a load of your expensive belongings, then immediately your savings have been slashed!

4. If you do need to get a removals company involved, then ensure that you get a range of quotes to see what the best deal you can get is. However, you should run each company past the independent reviews sites that can be found on the internet to see if they have a bad reputation, as paying less for a terrible removals company would probably less of a money saver than paying a bit more for a good one. Service from your removals company can vary from time to time, but a bad company will always make your life miserable, and breakages etcetera will cost you more than you can really afford in time and money.

5. All of these things take time to work out. Time is money, so if you have more time, you have more money! Unfortunately it does not work like this, but having the time to work out how to save cash in various parts of the process means that you can do so in a relaxed manner, rather than panicking about how you are going to get a situation sorted and paying to get it out of the way!

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