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Modern Trends in Radiators in the Home

These days a good and stylish home is influenced by what the modern trends are. This not only applies to major things such as furniture and layout, but also to every aspect of the home; even something as everyday and mundane as radiators. Although they might not be the most exciting conversation piece, radiators are something of a necessity, especially in British homes when the winter months roll around.

As such, there will undoubtedly be a radiator or two dotted around the rooms of your home. However, they needn’t be a blight on the general aesthetics, rather they can fit in and benefit the ambience your home creates by keeping with the feel of the house and showing off the latest trends.

Contemporary Radiators

When installing a radiator into a modern house, it makes sense to get a modern radiator. If you have an innovative, stylish and contemporary household, you will want your radiator to fit in with this style and complement it. Therefore it can be worth investing a radiator with contemporary style.

There are many different styles of radiators available for the modern home.

There are many different styles of radiators available for the modern home.

Also, if you have an older house with a more classic feel, a new and contemporary style radiator can be just the piece to liven up a room and give it that extra edge.

Chrome Radiators

Slick and almost futuristic, with a metallic sheen to finish, chrome radiators could be just the addition that your home needs. The metallic aesthetic of a chrome radiator can make a radiator really stand out. If it were an ugly thing that may be an undesirable quality, yet with a good, stylish chrome radiator, you’ll have something worth showing off.

Art Radiators

If you really want to take a step up and make the radiator a real conversation piece, you can opt for an artistic radiator. Whether it’s in the shape of flowers, interesting wavy lines or a picture of the Eiffel tower, an art radiator can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary.

It is possible to have a radiator that is fashioned into a picture or an intriguing shape. Not only will this kind of radiator effectively heat your home, but it will be something that is very hard to miss; an art radiator doesn’t just fit in with the style of your home, it actively adds value.

Classic Radiators

Perhaps new and trendy isn’t quite what you’re into, and you’re of a more humble persuasion. It is still possible to get a respectable yet stylish radiator by going the other way entirely and opting for a classic radiator. Instead of going with something new and modish, why not enhance the style of your home with a classical design? Investing in an older style radiator can really enhance a more rustic home or a house with a bit of history, visit for a range of options.

Why not go for a classic looking radiator?

Why not go for a classic looking radiator?

Conversely, if you have a new and stylish home, with up-to-date trendy furniture already, a classic radiator might be the fashion statement necessary to distinguish it from the other pieces in your house. Visit sites like Radiators Showroom for a good selection of designs.

Cast Iron Radiators

A cast iron radiator is created to mimic Victorian style, and with this, brings an elegance and grace you wouldn’t expect to find. If you choose to have it properly polished, a cast iron radiator is a sophisticated thing. But whether you go for a simple design, or a more ornate option with engravings and embellishments, a cast iron radiator is guaranteed to bring an extra degree of gravitas to your home.


Whatever style of radiator you decide to choose, make sure you pick the right one. Choose the one that will best suit your home and that is the most stylish; don’t underestimate the potential value that a radiator can add to your home.



Image credits: Evan Promodou and Daryl_Mitchell

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