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Make Unique Accessories from the Simplest Things in the House

If you are one of the many people who are interested in designing and making a space look beautiful, you have probably seen and read about accessories and nice small stuff that can change the style in every room. They are all so nice and expensive that you have thought that you only can dream of one to have in your house.
You will be surprised to know that with few items like bottles, papers and old pieces of fabric you can have accessories that the others will admire and on their turn will start wondering how much did you spent to buy such beautiful things.
So when you want to decorate your home with small items that will catch the attention, here is how to make them.
Wherever there is a woman there is jewelry and of course every lady gets tired of some of these sparkling pieces or maybe she bought them before just because she liked them for the moment and never put them on after. You can make unique accessory for your living room or kitchen table with them. Take a bottle small or big that looks interesting. In case you do not have one so unique, the simple stuff will also do. You will need glass glue to apply the jewelry you have picked to the bottles. You can make shapes of letters, numbers or just your own one, that means something for you. When the glue is dry, you can paint the bottle with white paint. You can use another color if you want to have trendier look.
If you have too many plain vases, but nothing special to use as accessory, you can transform what you do not like. Tape painter’s tape on the object you will be changing. The shapes do not necessarily have to be regular. Spray the rest of the surface that remained uncovered. When you remove the tape after the paint is dry, it will all look better.
You have probably not thought that you can make fancy lamp from all discarded books. You only have to make a whole that is a little bigger than the rod of your lamp kit and make it through the center of each book. Then thread the rod through the hole and connect the kit with wires according to the instructions. You can enjoy your designer night lamp just after you cover it with decorative self-adhesive paper.
Give rough industrial look to a room as you use scones of piping. Find a way and run a socket kit and pipe fitting before. Hardwire it into the wall and consult an electrician, if you are not quite sure how to do some part of this.

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