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London Removals

London Removals

Van And Man is a family owned London Removals. We are not just an ordinary removalist. We have been in this business for over a decade and has gained lots of experience. No job is too big or too small for us. All our jobs are tailored to the requirements of our clients. Even then, we never ask for extra charges under any circumstance. All our London Removals jobs are carried out under the supervision of team leader.

We are always ready to visit your premises and give your a Free No Obligation quote. We discuss your Home Relocation requirements, check out all the items that are to me relocated and give your our expert opinion so that you can have a hassle free relocation experience. Our experts will list down all the items so that it can be easy traced back at your new location and nothing is left out during the London Removals.

London Removals Process

London House Removals is known to be one of the most stressful life events you can possibly go through and you can make it much easier on yourself if you plan carefully and in plenty of time. You need to be organised, but don’t start packing too soon or you will find yourself having to break back into your carefully packed boxes to reach essential items such as teaspoons or clean socks – take things steadily and you will be able to arrive at your new home feeling calm and relaxed.

As soon as you have all of the details of your move arranged with your estate agent and the previous owners or tenants, book your moving day with the London Removals Firm. This will give you immediate peace of mind because no matter how disorganised you might become in the interim, you will know that you will at least have a van and some experienced people to help you with your move. If you are relocating your business as well, then you could arrange that at the same time; this way, you can be sure that dates will dovetail and you will be ready to carry on your business as soon as possible.

While you are waiting for the date, assess what you will be taking and what you don’t feel you need. Many people take the opportunity of moving home to de-clutter and this can be a very therapeutic experience. If there is anything you are not sure about, pack it separately from your day-to-day belongings and add other similar items with it. Keep a note of what you have set aside – some people who are happy with computers and cameras take pictures to store in an on-line facility so they can access them easily, or you could keep to the older ways and jot down notes in a book. If you haven’t had to look into the set aside box in the first six months of living in your new home, you probably don’t need those items and you can then choose to sell or donate them to charity. Either way, you will have reduced your clutter.

Ask your London Removals Company about boxes; getting them from your removals firm is the best way to proceed, as they will give you boxes which are a manageable size and will also give advice on how much to pack in each one. A whole box of books or CDs is usually too heavy to carry safely, for example, so it is best to mix the contents a little – tea towels and books, for example and CDs and socks but keep the items in one box to one area of the house, for ease of unpacking. Label your boxes to make it easier to deliver them appropriately in your new home. One very important thing is to keep one box aside with things like kettle, coffee, tea, sugar, biscuits and loo roll – in other words, things to make you comfortable as soon as you get to your new home. If you are not happy doing your own packing, you can arrange for your movers to do it for you. If you have a lot of fragile things, it is sometimes best to leave it in expert hands.

When moving day arrives, your London Removals team will be there ready and raring to go; they will pack all of your belongings into the van and it is your choice whether you stay to watch them work at the old home or get over to the new one to welcome them when they arrive. If you have pets you will know best how they will handle the move. Caged pets are usually no problem, although if your move is in winter it might be best to lodge them with a friend for a day or two over the move, so they won’t be subject to too many temperature changes. Dogs and cats are often best put in kennels for the days around the move. Not only can they get quite edgy when their home is upside down, but they are also very sensitive to the mood of their owner and might decide to go and hide somewhere – you really won’t want to be looking for a lost pet in the last few hours in your old home, so having them somewhere safe for a few days is probably a good idea, if you can arrange it.

When your belongings reach your new home, you will be glad that you spent time planning your packing with care. You will be able to direct the removals team to the right rooms easily when every box is labelled and you will soon have everything unpacked. If any furniture has had to be broken down to get it up or down stairs, your removal team will be able to help you reassemble it; they are all experienced in flat pack furniture and other small tasks which will help your move go smoothly. You will probably find that there are some boxes that don’t need immediate unpacking and if you have room, it is a good idea to put them on one side to see to at a later date – moving home is very tiring, even with the help of a London Removals team and you don’t want to exhaust yourself on the first day.

As you unpack the boxes, your London Removals team will take them away into the van so you are not overwhelmed by loads of empty crates and packing materials. Sometimes at the beginning of a move the whole thing can seem like an impossible task, but by being organised and making sure that everything is done in order you can make the whole process quite enjoyable. If there is something you are not quite sure about, ask your removals team for their advice – tapping in to their wealth of experience will make your departure from your old home and your arrival at the new one a stress-free pleasure.

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