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Keep Your Office Clean

5 Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

For any business, it is of vital importance to keep the area as clean and welcoming as possible. A professionally looking office space makes great impression among present and future customers, aiding any business to grow and develop. However, maintaining a clean environment without a clear strategy in mind can prove to be a tricky task. Imagine that you have just moved in your new office building, everything is a great mess and you wait for an important customer to visit you in your office. How do you rate your chances for winning their business?

Clean and Tidy Office Space

Enhance your chances to make good first impression with some unnoticeable, but smart tips, tried-and-tested over time by other office managers. You can also utilize these handy tips after you have moved in a new office to put a sustainable and effective cleaning strategy in your office. You can only benefit from keeping your office as clean and tidy as possible. It will improve workers job satisfaction, performance rates and efficiency as well as creating a healthy working environment.

5 Great Ideas for a Clean Office

Below are listed 5 fantastic tips on how to keep your office as clean as possible:

  1. Smart Work Stations Organization – Place the work stations in the office as efficiently as possible. Arranging furniture, desks and other furnishings in your office should be aimed to deliver visual appeal as well as increase job performance. Leave enough space to make office carpet cleaning easier as well.
  2. File and Store Your Documents – Put everything in its designated place. This will ensure that clutter is kept to a minimum. Today most work is done on computers, so quickly scanning a document will allow you save valuable storage space. If you have an archive, why not going paper-less? Store your documents on a cloud server for easy access from anywhere at anytime. However, make sure that you have a reliable back-up so you do not lose all your data.
  3. No Desk Eating – Sometimes it is better to have stricter rules than not having any at all. For an example, many people consider that eating at their desks saves them time. It might be so, but it is rarely the case. Having a lunch on your desk leaves a pretty big mess behind. It looks unprofessional when a client spots crumbs or ketchup drops on the employees desk. Besides, many food left overs fall on the ground and stain the carpeting.
  4.  Keep it clean and simple – It is a good idea to keep spray bottles for wood and glass surfaces at hand in your office. You can give a quick wipe before an important meeting, for an instance. Put clear guidelines regarding waste disposal and recycling. Also place proper trash cans and containers in easily accessible areas. Next you want to keep common areas in your office in good shape. Make all employees responsible for cleaning their stuff at daily basis.
  5. Professional Office Carpet Cleaning – Your office carpet will be subjected to heavy foot traffic, spills and lots of staining. Even though everyone is careful, accidents do happen – Christmas parties, coffee cups broken on the floor, a donut there. Regular office carpet cleaning will keep your valuable investment in good shape for a long time. Today there are many <a href=””>office carpet cleaning London</a> providers that customize their services according to the client’s requirements.

Increase your chances for success with these easy to follow and implement tips. The effort to set them as rules in your office is definitively worthwhile. A clean office will improve job performance and degree of satisfaction among the workforce. Besides, it will leave excellent, lasting impressions among customers and  business partners.



Author Bio: Petar Bo writes for All Carpets Cleaned – company providing office carpet cleaning services in London, with a 100% Clean Guarantee by screened and trained carpet cleaners.


  • Ron Cowgill

    No doubt this article is good for us. Yes this is right that do not take enough care of our offices. I think we should take more attention on office cleaning. We should not through papers or other things on floor. 5 points which are given here really good. Specially I think “No Desk Eating” point is very important. Many office staffs use their desks for eating. This is very bad and dirty symptom. Never we should use our desk for eating. I think this is our second house and we stay here more then 40 hours here.

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