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How to Tell Everyone You have Moved Houses

How to Tell Everyone You have Moved Houses

After all the hustle and bustle of the moving there finally comes the time for you to enjoy your new home. But that cannot give quite pleasure without having your friends and family to share that joyful moment with you. And of course you have a new place so, naturally, you want to tell the entire world about it. Some people even throw housewarming parties so why not do that too? Clearly you will do all this but the question is how to do it. Phoning everyone will cost you a fortune and a lot of time- not to mention how exhausting it will be. Telling only few people counting on them to spread the news is also not an option because it may offend someone- it is your new home and it is best that you tell people about it. And that leaves us with the option of sending people a card which is probably the most suitable in this case. And since you cannot send them just any card here is how you can choose the right cards.

To be honest invitation or announcement cards are cheapest option of all and can be very effective as well. When it comes to them many used to take advantage of simple cards which included their new address and send them by postal services. Although this is still the way some do it today there are many other ways you can share you relocation. You just have to browse the Internet and choose one of the plenty of e-cards. They vary in size, colour, paintings, font of text, and melodies- yes, they can also play melodies! And since this market has grown so much in the last years the Internet is flooded with them. We guarantee you will be spoiled for choice. That is why you should be careful when picking one because it has to show your personal style. After all it tells people about you having made a new, important step in your life and that is not to be underestimated.

Remember once you decide on a card you can also choose what type of information to include in it. Many cards are already divided into sections where you just have to type your address and name and that is it. But there are others that give you the option to add more information so you can write anything. In that train of thoughts it will be good that you include not only your old and new address but also your new e-mail, home and mobile phone number (if any).

As it was mentioned already it is very common that people throw welcome parties to show their new place to their family, friends, and colleagues. This indeed is a great idea and of you have not yet decided whether to have a party we strongly recommend that you do. It will give the people you know a chance to actually see where you live and it will be easier for them to find it in the future should you invite them to come over. The point of this is that you can save some money and time by using only one card to tell people you move into a new home
and would like to have a welcome party so they can see it. Without any doubt, it shows good taste too because two separate cards may be confusing.

It is vital you do not forget that e-cards regarding your relocation are perfectly all right while e-cards for a housewarming party may not be accepted that well. If you are going to have a party, print the invitations! That means that you should go and pick up a card before you start moving because once that process is on progress you will have no free time. Having a certain card in mind already leaves you with the task to only go and place an order once you settle in your new home.

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