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How To Pack

It is exciting and joyful to move to a new home. But you will find that the process of packing and transporting your stuff can be very difficult and time-consuming. What is really unpleasant is when you have already arrived at your brand new home and you have started with the unpacking only to find out that some of your valuables have been damaged. So what you should do is to take care of such valuable items beforehand by packing them properly. If you want to spare yourself the stress, money and regrets, we suggest that you follow the following tips.

Probably the most crucial step in packing your valuable and fragile items is to choose the right container for the transportation. To do this, you should ask yourself some questions connected to the whole move. Start with picturing what vehicle you will be using (a van, a truck or maybe a ship if you are moving further afield), how long it will take, what the weather and temperature will be like. Imagine the process of moving to Catford from your old place – how many people will be involved and how much damage could possibly occur? The further the journey, the better packing you’ll have to do.

We suggest cardboard boxes as the most commonly used material. You will find them convenient for most items your household uses. Make sure you get special ones because they are more reliable than boxes you might happen to have from previous purchases. You may think plastic boxes and crates will be a convenient option but keep in mind that their lids are not always too secure if you are packing toiletries or other liquids they could easily spill. So pick boxes that you can easily secure with packing tape to avoid unpleasant surprises.

When picking the packing material NW3, you should act wisely and not forget that valuable often means fragile, too. It is possible to use some old and unwanted newspapers for cushioning or you may have to buy some special materials like packing peanuts or foam, and a lot of it. Using plastic bags and paper towels is not a good idea because these materials just take the shape of your items and they will not be of much help in protecting the items. There is often more left over space in the boxes than you would expect. You don’t want to leave any space in the container because it can cause possible damage. As for the price, some left over newspapers are the friendliest to your wallet but if you really want to take care of your valuables, you’d best go for quality.

The last step that puts it all together is packing the items in the container. You should be careful with it if you want to unpack your stuff in the condition you’ve packed it. One thing to think about is deciding on how many objects to put in the same container. You shouldn’t leave it too full or too empty. Then, decide about the way you arrange them. Like for example you can place flatter objects on the bottom and then put the rest on them. If something looks easy to break, put it on top and cushion it well. Don’t forget to wrap each item individually to avoid damage. Even if you choose to use polystyrene foam and fill the container really well, you may find scratches on your items. Protect your items individually with newspaper for extra protection. Try to keep your boxes light enough so that they don’t break and damage everything that is inside them.

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