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How to Match Your Sofa to the Colour Scheme of the Room

Some aspects of interior design can be difficult to get right and selecting a sofa is a big decision as it can often be the central element of a living room. For this reason it is crucial the colour of the sofa or chosen chairs compliments both the flooring and wall colour or design.

As much as opting for the current trends in interior design may be appealing it is necessary to consider future trends and assess whether the sofa will be stylish within the years to come. Consequently it may be advisable to opt for a more classic style that is unlikely to become out dated.

Dark, rich colours

Darker coloured sofas should contrast the carpet and walls in order to create a balance. For example, plum coloured sofas can be complimented through an ivory carpet or light wooden floorboards.

If the majority of the room’s features are dark it will lessen the effect of open space and create the image of a smaller area. However, ensure the colours do not contrast too greatly as this could purely exaggerate the darkness of the sofa.

Dark sofas are just one feature of the room and accessories of the same colour can lessen the attention grabbing nature of a dark sofa. Another approach would be to add lightness through the consistent contrast of a brighter colour.

An ideal example would be navy blue and bright yellow. Incorporating these two colours not just on the sofa, the sofa being navy and cushions being yellow, but throughout the room.

Light, pastel colours

Light blues, pinks and greens can provide a country-like or vintage feel to a living room by providing a softer look.

The main advantage to selecting a lighter coloured sofa is that they are easier to match to a neutral colour scheme and immediately compliment the majority of hard wood floors. Home furniture stores are now abundant in both brown and cream sofas of all shades as they can easily coordinate with other colours.

To add a twist to a cream sofa adding various pastel coloured cushions can add that extra touch that takes away the boredom of a very neutral colour. Caution should be taken when selecting an extremely light coloured sofa as they can easily become dirty or stained.

Light green sofas can be complimented through other pastel colours

Light green sofas can be complimented through other pastel colours

Bright, block colours

For living rooms that wish to add a touch of funkiness and stand out brighter coloured sofas give an immediate twist to any room! Retro lovers are likely to appreciate their attention grabbing nature however it can often put people off, though it needn’t as a combination of block colours can be give a modern and very chic image.

It is essential to ensure that a bright colour does not stand alone but is matched through the accessories within the room as if a bright sofa is the only distinctive element of the room it can often appear empty or unfinished. Therefore mix with other brighter colours to give a retro combination.

Futuristic, bright sofas should be paired with block colours throughout the room

Futuristic, bright sofas should be paired with block colours throughout the room


The accessories of a living room can often bring together the colour scheme through co-ordination with the sofa. The key concept is to provide a clear balance of light and dark unless attempting a specific look, there are a great range of sofas to select from.

The surrounding décor of the room is essential as it should not match but simply compliment the colour of the sofa. If an individual is still unsure of how to co-ordinate it may be necessary to seek out help from an interior designer or to even just request help in store. Websites such as Look4Design offer help and guidance when tackling interior design challenges.

Written by Rebecca Hubbard.

Image Credits: el-ter and Starck Ting.

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