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How to install wooden blinds

For many people out there purchasing wooden blinds seems to be a very good idea, because they can easily serve many purposes. Installing these types of blinds is not a complicated job as some people might think and for most of the DIY-ers it’s quite a walk in the park. Even though the majority of such blinds feature installation directions, there are also some packages which practically lack them and that is when people will need those tops on how to properly install them.

In most cases, the placement of blinds should not take more than 1 hour. With that being said, people who are installing blinds for the first time should know that it might take longer in the first attempt to install the new blinds they’ve just gotten, but once they achieve this, next time it will be much easier.

How to install wooden blinds in 5 simple steps:

1. The first step you’ll need to take when you purchase new wooden blinds is to have the brackets included in their kit fastened. This can be done by power screwing them into the wood trim directly. In some cases they can also be screwed on the window’s side at the uppermost edges of the window frame.

2. By using the clips and hooks included in the kit, you should try and attach the valance to the front side of the head rail. You should snap or hang the clips onto the head rail by hand and this will practically allow for the blinds to be suspended freely below the head rail.

3. At this point you will need to consider sliding the head rail into the groove which can be found in the brackets. You will have to do that until it snaps into place.

4. In order to secure the head rail, the bracket doors should now be closed. In some cases though, the wooden blinds might include a tilt wand and thus it should be snapped into place at this point and then the individual should release the tilt control lever.

5. On this final step of installing wooden blinds, you will just need to release the cord lock and have the blinds lowered over the window for that great feeling of seeing their work has actually paid off. Even though this is something most would achieve doing in around one hour, for those who can follow directions easily and are also a bit savvy with such things, it can take way less than this.

As this article explains, installing wooden blinds is very simple and you will just need to be very careful on how they follow directions. You should not hurry with the installation in order to not damage anything. After all, hurrying in such cases is certainly not recommended to anyone who is a beginner.

Tips and Warnings for installing wooden blinds:

a) If using electric hand tools, you should observe all standard precautions in order to avoid any kinds of accidents.

b) When purchasing the wooden blinds, ensure that they come with all the product components required for proper installation according to specifications provided by the manufacturer.

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