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How to furnish your Huddersfield home to complement your limestone fireplace

If you live in Huddersfield, you will no doubt be familiar with limestone and its wonderful combination of natural beauty and strength.

One of the most famous features of the Peak District – of which West Yorkshire is part – is its National Park which, popular amongst hikers and wildlife enthusiasts alike, contains huge reserves of limestone and mineral veins.

Limestone is quarried from Huddersfield and many other areas within the Peak District still today. Despite being a ‘soft’ rock limestone is used in architecture around the world. The Woolworth building, one of the oldest and most famous skyscrapers in New York uses the material and even Huddersfield’s own Queensgate Market uses limestone in its innovative column and roof structure!

This strength and durability is one of the reasons why limestone is so popular in fireplace manufacturing and there are a huge range of limestone fireplaces in Huddersfield to pick from. We bring you some ideas about how you can furnish your Huddersfield home to show off your limestone fireplace to the maximum advantage.

Evolution 500 Fireplace in Travertine and Marble

Evolution 500 Fireplace in Travertine and Marble

Before you buy

If you visit the showroom you may well fall in love with one of the limestone fireplaces you see but before you rush to buy it on the spot, take some time to think about how it will fit in your home.

A fireplace should be the centerpiece of any room, the natural place where the eye should be drawn to, but this doesn’t mean it should crowd out everything else. If your room is bijou, a large fireplace will overpower the rest of your furnishings and will look awkward and out of place.

There are many more compact designs on the market which feature all the elegance and intricacies of their bigger brothers, just on a smaller scale.

On the flip side, if the room where you plan on installing it is large and spacious a small but perfectly formed design will fail to have the desired impact. Even if your décor is minimalist, a large room demands a fireplace with the dimensions to match.

Verine Da Vinci High Efficiency Balanced Flue Limestone Fireplace

Verine Da Vinci High Efficiency Balanced Flue Limestone Fireplace


Although fireplaces were more of a necessity in days gone by than in modern times, many households still want a fireplace because of their practicality and aesthetic appeal. This demand means there are all kinds of limestone fireplace on the market, with something to match every type of décor.

For example, if your home is from the Victorian era, or furnished in the style of this period, you might want to opt for a Victorian limestone fireplace. The relatively soft nature of the stone means that it’s particularly easy to carve so some of the designs available are incredibly eye-catching.

More than just the fire

Although picking the right fire for the room is an essential decision, the hearth, mantel and surround will have an even bigger impact on the design of the room. Size, shape and colour will all play a part in how your limestone fireplace eventually looks once installed.

The type of fire you choose will dictate the choice of hearth you have, as some type of fire need a larger or stronger base. Other types of fire may need a grate, or you might want to have a fire basket to make life that little bit more convenient.

When you plan your room design remember to take all of these factors into account, and leave plenty of room for the fireplace to bask in its glory. Crowding other furniture too close will detract from its beauty and won’t flatter your décor.

A limestone fireplace isn’t just for Christmas…

The winter months are when fireplaces are the most in demand, toasting toes in front of the flames and snuggling up against the cold outside.

However, a fireplace is a permanent fixture and even in the summer months when it might not be lit for long periods, it will still be part of your room.

It’s therefore important to pick a design which looks just as beautiful unlit as lit, which is one of the reasons why limestone fireplaces are so popular.


Although Huddersfield and the Peak District are synonymous with limestone, many households all over the UK are opting to install a limestone fireplace. The perfect material to flatter any kind of décor, limestone is gentle and unassuming yet eye-catching enough to draw admiring glances from any visitor to your home.

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