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How To Clean Hardwood Floors

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Do you remember how much did you pay the last time you had your hardwood flooring installed? Probably, it was a substantial amount of money. If you are not sure, check your account history. For sure, you will notice a big number being credited from your account and transferred to the carpenter’s account. No that they didn’t deserve it. On the contrary, most of them are true professionals worth every penny. The question is how do you protect that large investment in your home’s value? Properly cleaning your hardwood flooring is essential to prevent scratches and keeping dust and dirt at bay.

Why is it important?

As was mentioned above, new hardwood flooring is a large expenditure that can break most budgets. Once installed it has to be cleaned regularly, so permanent damage and a subsequent expensive fix are avoided.¬† Being a large investment in your home, a hardwood flooring is chosen carefully to contribute to the home’s beautiful and stylish appearance. Taking care for your hardwood floors can be simple, if you follow some tips. Start with routine cleaning regimen that keeps dust and dirt in check and use only safe and tested products.

When Should I Clean It?

Most manufacturers and professional hard floor cleaners will tell you to clean it as often as possible. However, in today’s busy, dynamic life it is quite impossible to do. Have in mind that your lifestyle is factor that contributes to the dirt and wear on your hardwood floor. Kids and pets also play a vital part when considering how often to clean it. Regular cleaning will keep dust and soil away and let your floor last longer. Additionally, it will remove harmful pollutants and bacteria off your home.

How Often Should I Polish It?

It depends on the amount of food traffic your hardwood floor gets from your family, guests and pets. However, it is recommended to polish it every three to five months. A polish well-done will add a protective layer to your hardwood floor. What’s more it will fill scratches and keep its nice looks. Polishing your hardwood flooring is an easy DIY project that doesn’t require specialist tools. The process is pretty straightforward. Start by clearing the room from furniture and rugs, then sweep and mop your floor. When the floor is finally dry, apply the polish following the manual. Avoid walking on the floor for at least one hour and allow 12 hours before allowing the rest of the family to use the room.

A cleaning regimen can keep your hardwood flooring at its best for a long time. However, be extra careful when you are not sure how to proceed and have doubts. It is always better to call a professional hard floor cleaning company rather than risk ruining your investment.

Author Bio: Petar Bo is a freelance writer and expert blogger. Currently he writes for All Carpets Cleaned, company providing hard floor cleaning services in London, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee delivered by professional hard floor cleaners.

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