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Moving House

When is it best to get someone in to do the job?

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful experience, and can perhaps be even more so when you’re trying to keep the costs down. A lot of people decide to “do it themselves”; this involves packing, storage, transportation, renovations and even selling their property without the use of an estate agent or auctioneer. The real question is: is it worth it to do it yourself?


It’s only a few boxes right, how hard can it be? This depends. How big is your home? How many possessions do you own? Have you packed breakable items before? And are you prepared for your worldly goods to get damaged?

Of course, you might luck out and go without any breakages whatsoever, but I’ve always been a victim to shattered plates and glasses.

There’s a good chance that professionals will allow you to take out special insurance for the packing of items, meaning you won’t find yourself short if you were to do it yourself.


There are plenty of purpose-designed self-storage facilities around in the UK these days, but still people choose to fill the attics, garages and sheds of their nearest and dearest. Yes, this can be an economic way to store your possessions whilst you’re in-between homes, but you should always consider what could go wrong.

Flooding, fire, theft is all unlikely to happen, but if something should happen would you be covered?


With van hire all over the place, it can seem like a logical way to get your wares from A to B. What you should remember though is all of the heavy lifting to get things down the stairs, up into the van, out the van at the other side, and up the stairs at your new destination. Couch potatoes take note. If you think you haven’t got the muscle and the youth to do the job, call a man with a van instead.


Most people can manage a lick of paint when they’re trying to sell their property, but if you are trying to add value to your property through an extension or knocking a wall through, always make sure to get the right people in to do the job. Not only will they know their stainless steel screws from their brass screws, they can also help you to understand whether you need to seek permission for your building work.

Selling property

There are a number of ways to sell a property including estate agents, private trading, and auction. Regardless of the method you choose, most people would swear by their solicitor for helping with the paper work and complicated process. Some people do choose to avoid estate agencies due to fees or their minimal effort to sell your property, but it is your choice as to how you choose to proceed.

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