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Home Office Space Ideas

Home Office Space Ideas

Having a home office space is a great idea. A productive home office space can make all the difference if you have to work from home or have a project to complete.

Sitting on the sofa with a laptop or trying to work on the kitchen table isn’t the ideal solution. Sure, it might be comfortable on the sofa, but the lure of the television or the distraction of family members can hinder your work efforts. A separate home office space can provide a place to get away from the distractions and get on with your work.

Of course, your home office space doesn’t have to detract from the comfort or design of your home either. There are plenty of design options and storage solutions that allow you to have a practical work space without using overbearing furniture or bringing the office home with you.

Finding the Perfect Home Office Location


Most modern homes have limited space. You might not have room for a dedicated office space in the traditional sense. With limited bedrooms, you might not be able to spare an entire room for your home office, especially if your home supports a growing family.

But there might be spaces in your house that you haven’t even thought about as a potential home for your office. Quite often there’s wasted space under the stairs or at the top of the landing – a well-designed home office can neatly fit into those spaces without taking up extra room in your house or negatively impacting the design and décor of your room.

If you have a large lounge or living room, you might think about using wall-mounted furniture with pull out desk units to create a practical home office workspace without compromising on the design of your room.

The Hidden Home Office

Many people find that having a home office in their house takes away from the pleasure of home. The danger of a home office (and working from home in general) is in the risk of blurring the lines between work and play and bringing the stresses of the office into the family home.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re clever, you can create a comfortable, convenient and concealed home office space that’s both practical and pleasant. The use of clever home office storage units can help hide the office away when it’s not in use and stop it detracting from the design and comfort of your home.

Concealed computer cupboards are a great way to tuck computer workstations away and out of sight. Corner desks and slide out drawers allow you to maximise your storage while keeping the office space to a minimum.

Using wall mounted cupboards with sliding doors, you can store files, folders and paperwork out of sight too. So, the result is a minimalistic home office design that’s practical but doesn’t detract from the general design of your home.

More Home Office Space Ideas

Here are some more home office space ideas that will help you design a home office space that’s practical and comfortable.

  1. Corner Desks – corners are often neglected or wasted empty space that’s perfectly suitable for a home office space. Look at the current corners of your living room. What’s in there? A bookshelf? A table or lamp? You could easily find another place for those things and use a built in corner desk to create a comfortable workspace that meets your needs.
  2. Wasted Spaces – Many homes feature open spaces under the stairs that are unused and undervalued. This area could easily be converted into a practical office space and thus not take up any of the other valuable areas of your home. The loft, for example, is often overlooked as a location for office space and it can be a great way to create a practical place to escape from home and get on with work without even leaving your house.
  3. Wall Mounted Storage – Built-in, wall-mounted storage is a great way to increase the storage space in any room and it works just as well in a home office area. With built in storage you can reduce the amount of clutter and keep a minimalistic office space that doesn’t impair the design and décor of your room – wherever you decide to locate your office space.
  4. Fold Away Furniture – If you’re keen to keep impact of your home office to a minimum then you can use fold away furniture to reduce the size of your work area. A folding office chair that can be stored elsewhere or an office stool that slips under the desk and out of sight can make all the difference.
  5. A Desk with a View – you might like to position your home office near a window. The natural light will make it easier to work and the view from the window might be a welcome distraction when you need it. Of course, you might not welcome the distractions and you might also consider avoiding this. The other consideration when thinking about your home office space is where to place the work area and how light sources will affect it. If you have your back to the window when you’re working then you might find the natural light reflects on the screen and stops or distracts you from your work. So it’s important to think carefully about the home office space and home it’s built.
  6. Clever Storage Space – invest in clever home office storage space to hide away your computer and create a comfortable working area that you’ll love.
  7. Glass and Mirrors – light colours, glass and mirrors are a good way to give the illusion of extra space even where space is limited.
  8. Less is More – keep your office space clean and clear and you’ll reap the benefits of a minimalistic design that’s appealing and practical. Choose minimalistic furniture and consult a home office designer to work out the best way to maximise your home office space while maintaining a practical design.
  9. Colours – maintain the colour and style of the room your home office is located in to maintain the theme and make the office space feel like part of the room. This helps prevent your home office feeling like a necessary evil but instead makes it a welcome part of your home.
  10. Inspiration Boards – a great idea for home office space is using inspiration boards – a wall-mounted pin board where you can pin items, notes, cuttings and more as inspiration for your working day. Whether your job involves creative work or you just need something to keep you motivated, an inspiration board can be a wonderful addition to the home office and looks great too!
  11. Storage Boxes – these are a great way to add organised storage to your home office. Buy a number of matching boxes in various sizes to create a smart home office space that’s practical too.

Consulting a home office designer can make all the difference and help you create a wonderful home office space that’s a practical addition to your home.


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