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Help loved ones by contacting a removal company on their behalf

Moving in London can be an emotional experience, especially when sorting through your personal possessions to get rid of items which aren’t needed anymore. If a loved one is moving instead, there are a million and one things which they will have to do. If you want to offer support in any way possible, you can lend a helping hand, such as by contacting companies that offer a removal service.

Before contacting removal companies, you should find out some information from who you are helping:

Not all removal companies charge the same amount of money as each other. Just like when buying a tin of beans, the total price that has to be paid differs from one shop to another. You should first ask how much money your loved one is willing to pay. By knowing what their budget is, you’ll be aware of who not to contact again when their quote is too high. It also means that when the most affordable removal company is found, they can be hired. This is because you are aware that your loved one can afford them and not vice versa.

If you don’t know where in London someone is moving to, you will probably be given a wrong quote. This is because a removal company will have to travel much further and possibly pay more. Before contacting companies that offer a man with a van service in London, you should know what the post code is for their new property.

There are other ways in which you can help:

Offer to store items in your home
When a loved one doesn’t have a lot of storage in the property that they’re currently living in, you could offer to store boxes in your garage. As they won’t have to pay storage costs, it can also help them to save money too. It also means that they won’t be living in cramped conditions. When many boxes are stored in a small flat, it can be very difficult to not trip over them. However, if you have plenty of free space, furniture and boxes of books can be put in a spare bedroom.

Move boxes and furniture
Some people prefer to move the day after they have been given the keys to their new property. This is because it’s less stressful organising a removal vehicle and an appointment to sign contracts on the same day. If your loved one chooses to do so, you could offer to move personal possessions before a removal van arrives. Even if only a couple of boxes are moved to their new home before removal professionals turn up, it won’t take as long to transport boxes. Therefore, your loved one can start unpacking sooner than they thought.

Offer to pay part of a removal company’s fee
If your loved one doesn’t have enough money to pay for hiring a house removals company in London, offer to pay some of it. By contributing 40% or 50% of the total price, a removal company can then be hired. Therefore, this is another thing which they don’t have to worry about because it has been organised. Even if they insist on repaying what you contributed, they could do so in instalments.

Moving home doesn’t have to be stressful for a loved one because there are suggestions which you can make to alleviate any inconvenience. Before they know it, they will soon settle into their new home.

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