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Finding a man and van can be the answer to your domestic removals questions

When it comes to ensuring that you are getting a great removal sorted, it can be hard to know how to get the job done well, whilst also keeping the price low. The perfect answer for the smaller move is the ever flexible man and van service. Removals companies will often supply a man and van service, but it is good to know what you are facing as you wade in to the world of finding the right one for your needs. Essentially it just takes a little patience and investigative work to ensure that you are not making any rash decisions. You will find that the process of finding a man and van removals service online is quite tough, simply because of the sheer number of services out there, however, knowing how to navigate these swathes of services will mean that you can take advantage of the choices.

Know what you need.

Having everything that you need ready before you ring anyone up means that you will be able to get things sorted quickly. No one wants to be caught off guard, nor to have to ring the van driver back, its a waste of everyone’s time. You need to know what size of van you need, as well as where you are going exactly, with post codes, and how much your budget it. There is little point in entertaining a driver if you know that the price is too high, so simply find out if they are available on the dates that you need, the price, and whether the van is big enough for your load. You can then compare the prices between various vans to get an idea as to how much you should be paying.

Hour vs Quote.

You will find that van men look to charge in one of two ways. There are the hourly payments, and the quoters. The quote will always be a lot more than the hourly rate, provided that the hourly job goes smoothly. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic whilst the clock carries on and the cost gets higher, so work out the risk carefully before you chose between the two. In reality however, the hourly rate will rarely top the quote, as the driver will be protecting themselves against the journey back being a long one when they quote. Look at traffic reports and work out the best route so that you are prepared to ensure that the job does not take longer than it needs to.

Word of mouth.

You will find that some man and van services, a little like removals companies, do not advertise all that much. Certain removal van drivers do not want their numbers to be all over the place, and rely solely on personal recommendations to get them new business. So, as your family and friends as to whether they have used anyone good recently, as there may well be someone extremely useful out there for you. A great man and van service is something that friends will gladly pass on, and you will often find that the driver wants to maintain their reputation as being great, so will give you an excellent service.


It will happen, you just need to wait and look! You won’t find the perfect van service straight away, so it is best to keep looking until you do. Starting early on the move process means that this should not be a problem.

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