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DIY for Dummies

DIY for Dummies

The idea of doing your own home repairs can sound intimidating at first, but it really doesn’t have to. Below are some home DIY jobs so easy that even novices with few tools can do them; the jobs on this list will help keep your home looking and functioning as it should.

Cleaning your Walls and Deck

You can either buy or rent a pressure washer to make quick work of mold, grime and grease on your home’s deck, patio, driveway and exterior walls. Work your way around slowly but steadily, and watch as all that dirt vanishes. Pretreat moldy areas with bleach or other cleaner; when cleaning exterior walls, don’t spray upward as you’ll damage the flashings and eaves.

Fixing a Broken Doorstop

A doorstop is ideal for preventing damage to walls by flung-open doors. Placement matters here—you should either attach it to the frame inside the door or to the wall. Patch any holes with spackle or filler, then drill a pilot hole and screw the new doorstop into the correct position. Sand patched areas smooth and repaint door as needed.

Secure your Downspouts

If your gutters and downspouts are in good shape but loose from their fixtures, you’ll end up with rainwater splashed everywhere. That can cause problems around your home’s base and it can make the inside of your home damp, especially if you’re on a slab foundation.

Clean your AC Filter

Keeping your air conditioner working efficiently is easy as long as you clean the filter regularly. Check your unit’s owner’s manual to find the proper cleaning method—it can be as simple as removing the filter and scrubbing it with soap and water, or running a vacuum hose over it. When cleaning the filter you should also clean the refrigerator’s seals and heat exchange tubes (but be sure to cut the power first!)

Garage Door Adjustments

If the chain connecting your door to your opener looks as if it’s loose, it’s an easy fix. You’ll need a helper to support the door while you pull the manual cord. Find the turnbuckle and turn it to make the chain tighter, then re-engage the garage door.

Tile Regrouting

Regrouting your kitchen or bathroom tile is a quick and easy way to make the room look fresher. Over the years tiles begin to look old and dirty because the grout gets moldy—and won’t come clean no matter how much you scrub it. Grouting is an easy fix, but you can’t use it around joints near corners, sinks and bathtubs because it can’t be moved without damage.

Guest post from Amy Fowler for Tool Orders: online tool distributors.

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