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Cut Down Heating Bills This Winter

How To Cut Down Heating Bills This Winter

After sweltering heat and dealing with smog alert days, many people welcome the cold weather. However some people cringe when they see the leaves falling because they know that means their heating bill is going to skyrocket. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips to help you save money on your heating bill this winter.

Check Your Furnace

Your first line of defense against the cold is your furnace. It has been lying dormant all Summer, so you may need to check it to make sure it is functioning properly. Do this at the beginning of fall so that you can make whatever repairs are needed before it gets too cold.

Check Your Insulation

If it’s been a while since you have taken a trip up to the attic, now is the perfect opportunity to get up there and check out your insulation. You need to make sure that the insulation is in good condition. Old insulation can become ineffective at trapping cold air. When you check your insulation you can find out if your insulation is doing its job. If not, now is a great time to replace it.

Seal Up Cracks In Doors And Windows

You may not realize it, but cold air is seeping in through your doors and windows even if you keep them shut. There may be cracks in your doors and windows that allow cold air in, making your furnace have to work harder to heat your house. Be sure you seal any windows that you find cracks in. It may be worth it to replace windows that are old and ineffective at keeping cold air out of your house.

Keep Rooms That You Aren’t Using Closed Up

If you have lots of spare rooms that aren’t being used, keep them closed. There’s no sense in heating a room no one is using. Keeping the doors to rooms that aren’t in use means less work for your furnace.

Dress Warmly Inside The House

This should be easy enough to do. You can turn the thermostat down a few degrees and wear sweaters, scarves, and hats inside. Encourage your kids to do the same thing.

Close Your Vents

While opening your vents keeps your home cooler in the summer, these same vents make it harder to heat your home. It may not seem like much, but this cold air that is seeping in makes your house feel cold and drafty. This makes you turn up the heat so you don’t feel cold.

Just because the temperature goes down doesn’t mean your expenses have to go up. You don’t have to do a lot to save money on your heating bill. You can save money just by making simple changes to the way you do things around the house. Instead of that sundress you were wearing during the summer, you can wear a sweatshirt or a sweater. Save money by performing maintenance on things that contribute to your home feeling cold. A little preparation goes a long way.

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