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Common Moving Conundrums: Preparing Special Things

Common Moving Conundrums: Preparing Special Things

One of the biggest problems that many people have today when they are moving is how to prepare various special items that they might have around the house. What is a special item? There are a number of items in a household that aren’t easy to pack, throw in a box, or put on a moving truck. Yet, these items still need to be moved to the new place. So how do you go about dealing with some of these things? Read on and you’ll find out more information about packing and preparing some of the common ‘special’ things in your home.

Moving Plants

Plants are one of the most common things that consumers ask about when they are moving. Can plants be moved? The answer in almost all cases is a simple yes. Make sure that you plan ahead, though, and prepare your plants for transport.

  • Bag your plant in a black bag for at least 24 hours before you try to pack it. This will ensure that it is pest free when you are moving it into your new home.
  • Remove the bag and throw it out. Get a new bag and wrap only the base of the plant so that the dirt in the pot does not fall out of it.
  • Prepare a box that is large enough for the pot to fit into. Place the pot inside and then pack it tightly so that the plant doesn’t move around.
  • Finally, cut a hole in the box top that is large enough for the stem or trunk to fit through. Tape the top securely so that it doesn’t shift while the plant is in transit.


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Larger Items

Large items are another thing that many consumers ask about when they are moving to a new place. If you are planning on moving something like a pool table, piano, or other large, bulky thing, then consider the following.

  • Contacting special movers who are well versed in moving the item that you have to move can be a good idea depending on the type of move you are completing.
  • If you are moving your item with everything else, be sure that you prepare it by padding it securely so bumps will not hurt the finish of the item.
  • Have an expert come prepare it. For example, if you are moving a piano, contact a moving store and see what and who they recommend in advance.
  • Finally, make sure that the movers know you will be moving the items you are moving. This will ensure that they come knowing and prepared.

Always Insurance

Getting insurance is one of the most important things you can do when you are moving, regardless of where you might be moving to. Here are a few things to remember about insurance.

  • Mover’s valuation coverage is not insurance. Valuation might cover about sixty cents per pound of good that you are moving, while insurance will ensure you are covered against the full loss of what you are shipping.
  • You can get moving insurance through the company who offers you homeowners insurance or through a special company that only offers moving insurance.
  • Have your policy in place before the movers arrive at your home to move you. Know what the stipulations are before you allow them to begin the move. For example, some insurance policies make you let the movers pack your goods, while some policies don’t care. Either way, know what yours says before you purchase it.

About the Author: Missie Morrison has over twenty years of experience in the moving industry. She’s worked for a moving estimates inc. company, as well as movers themselves. Today, she serves as an independent consultant.

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