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Cleaning Tips For The Home Swimming Pool

Cleaning Tips For The Home Swimming Pool

Most people only dream of having their own swimming pool but those lucky folks that do usually find themselves at their wits’ end when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the pool. If you have the budget to afford a regular cleaning crew, then you are indeed lucky, because the professionals will have all the equipment and experience necessary to keep your pool sparkling. However, if you can’t hire professionals or you don’t want to hire them on a weekly basis and only want to call them in for deep cleaning every now and then, there are some things you can do on your own to keep your pool fresh, clean and sanitary. Hire man and van kilburn for reliable services.

The first step is to invest in some basic cleaning supplies The Oval. These will help you to keep the pool free of any items and debris that might collect in the water, and will also help you to clean tiles and scrub surfaces every now and then. You should purchase a tile brush, a pool skimmer, a telescopic pole, a long hose, a pool vacuum cleaning device and a vacuum head. With these tools you can do a fantastic job on keeping your pool clean.

The most basic step to cleaning your pool is getting rid of all the little things that fall into the water. Anyone who’s ever owned a pool will know just how many leaves and twigs and random odds and ends flying around fall into the pool and dirty it up. If you take too long to lift these out, they’ll sink to the bottom and then they are much tougher to be rid of then. They may also leave dirty marks on the pool tiles. The best thing to do is to grab your pool skimmer whenever you see anything floating about and lift it out right away. And do remember to put it in the garbage tin because you don’t want it to fly back in!

Some people get their pools outfitted with automatic pool cleaners. If you do the same, your workload will be reduced, however if you do not, the next best option is to get an vacuum attachment, a telescoping pole and a hose. Learning to use these properly can be tricky. You need to fasten the vacuum head to the telescopic pole and then fix the hose onto the vacuum head and begin to push it into the pool. When it touches the floor of the pool keep lowering the hose into the water until all the air inside the hose has been flush out. Be careful not to affix the hose with the pump while there is still air inside of it. After you are sure all the air has been removed from the hose, push it through the skimmer door and fasten it into the vacuum port. Switch the vacuum on. You have to be really carefully that there is no other open line save for the vacuum inlet. With the telescopic pole sweep over the floor and sides of your pool and let the suction action of the pump absorb any dirt and grime. Using long strokes will help cover the area more easily. Finish one end of the pool first before moving onto another. Once you’ve taken the vacuum attachment out and the cleaning is done and you’ve turned the pump off make sure you empty the waste baskets in a proper disposal bag.
Scrubbing the pool tiles with a hard bristle brush will also prevent build-up of mildew and gunk. Do this when you’ve emptied the pool so you can access all the hard-to-reach spots as well.

Every time you clean the pool make sure you wash the cleaning tools and supplies with clean water and detergent or store-bought cleaning solutions Gants Hill and then leave them out for a day or two in the sun to dry naturally. It’s just as important to keep your tools clean and germ-free!

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