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Changing the Home with Dormitory

What to Expect When Changing the Home with Dormitory

To see the letter that you have been accepted in college is an emotion that is hard to be described. The news brings much joy and relief, but it also marks the beginning of completely different life with its negative and positive sides. Surely the endless party with friends is something that every teenager is expecting impatiently. However the change of place can be very stressful.

Good colleges usually provide very good conditions for living in their dormitory and you will probably have everything necessary to study and live well. When you are planning the long expected moving however there are some details that have to be discussed prior to the relocation.


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It is normal to not want to bring too much things and to pack as small amount of items as possible. To do that and not to be badly surprised with the news that the dormitory does not provide something you were expecting from it to, be sure that you have informed yourself about this aspect in advance. For this purpose you better contact the authorities of the college that are responsible for the accommodation and ask for a detailed up-to-date list of what your room will be furnished with. Ask for the services supplied like internet, cable TV and others. When you are absolutely sure what you will have and what you will not, you may feel that you can ask your parents to bring the rest of the furniture you will need. The advice is to check first if this is even allowed, because some dormitory buildings have strict rules of bringing things from outside. Thus you will escape the unpleasant situation of transporting heavy items forwards and backwards.

In case you are already allowed to bring in new stuff, make sure it fits the free space and do not try to move the existing furniture.

What a new college member will also need for the room is different kinds of appliances and equipment, such as fridge and TV. For this you should also check before buying and bringing in the room. Surely there are restrictions, which do not allow you to bring in any electrical equipment that you want. It is good to visit the room, see your roommate and decide who will bring what. It is absolutely sure that if there is no fridge and you and the other person who will live with you brings one, the management will not let you keep both.

With few words you should know that if the other appliances are optional and you can not be sure about, there are few that are mandatory for every dormitory. Laundry and communal kitchen are some of them. Though there will be kitchen equipment, you will need to bring dishes and spoons, forks and knives. You will not be mistaken if you prepare few cups as well.

Another thing to check for is the insurance of the room. It is common practice the public buildings to be insured. It will cover any accidents that may happen during their use. However it will not cover the cases when some of the things you bring with you are stolen. This should be initiative of every person and is something that is strongly recommended to be done.

You may also ask how the problem with the parking is solved in case you are coming with your car. It may be terms for moving in. It is better to know them and try to fit in. Collect information about other events in the moving day that require your presence besides orientation.

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