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Guidelines To Hunt For An Automotive Repair Shop

If you have moved to a new area and looking for an automotive repair shop, here are the guidelines to follow to find the best one. With some many options, from dealerships to independent shops, it is a little difficult task to choose the right automotive repair shop. So, given below are some of the tips to consider while making your decision.

Vehicles they specialize in:

There must be a wide range of auto repair shops in your area, each specialize in different types of vehicles. Over the recent past years, shops that were specialized in a particular car repair now have the expertise in various types of car repair services. So, find a shop that specializes in your particular model of car.

Visit the shop:

Pay a visit to the shop to ensure whether the mechanics follow specific guidelines to inspect and repair the problems of the car. Make sure that the mechanics are well trained and have the expertise in detecting the problems and repairing the car efficiently. Ensure that you do not have to pay multiple visits to the shop for detecting problems and getting them fixed. Also, pay a close attention at how they treat the tools and whether they clean the stalls at regular interval.

Tools and equipment:

Over the last half a decade or so, automotive industry has undergone a great deal of evolution. The need for advanced, reliable tools for repairing, recalibration, diagnosis and testing is increasing rapidly. So, when you visit the shop, find out whether the mechanics use advanced technological equipment, whether they maintain the equipment and whether they keep the servicing area clean. If possible, ask the manager of the service shop to show you the kind of equipment they use. Also, find out how often the calibrations of the cars take place.


While there are some automotive repair shops that provide you with the warranty which comes along with the parts of the car from the factory and do not extend the warranty over the labor. There are some other auto repair shops that provide with the warranty on labor, in addition to a warranty which comes from the factory. Make sure that you choose the latter one.


Check the background of the auto repair service shop to ensure that there is no major consumer complaints against it. Also, ensure that the shop has all the valid work permits and licenses to offer auto repair service in the locality. To ensure the credibility of the shop, check with the Better Business Bureau ( You can also with the Google to get an insight of the reputation of the company and customer ratings.

If you are living in Alberta or have recently moved there, then look for an automotive repair shop following the above mentioned guidelines. To find the right in your area, you can search online using a keyword “Automotive Repair Alberta”.  Once you get a list, choose the one ensuring your needs and budget.

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